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Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius - August 7, 2017

Well, we are in the thick of eclipse season! On top of the North Node/South Node energy of Leo/Aquarius still being emphasized (May 2017-Dec 2018), Uranus went retrograde in Aries on August 3. It will go direct again on January 2, 2018. Uranus going retrograde can be significant enough, but because eclipses are Uranian in nature (disruptive/surprises), along with the full moon in Aquarius (Uranus rules Aquarius), it is electrifying everything this month. It can have a tendency to awaken dormant fears and anxieties, along with huge internal changes in perspectives. For those who are use to working on their internal cosmos, this can be a freakin’ amazing boost for breaking through some personal barriers. Others, well, the shift may feel like their paradigms are going through a ‘nuclear explosion’: Uranus = Uranium (Boom). No coincidence that nuclear threat/fear is back in the forefront globally. But I’m not about fear mongering. If you feel there is war looming, it is to be fought internally. The Uranus energy emphasizes personal revelation and revolution for inner change. Without this inner change we can not change the outer world. Period. As Within, So Without.

With the influence of Venus in Cancer (July 31-August 26) during the Full Moon (and New Moon) cycle, there can be opportunities to heal and conclude relationships from the past. People may be contacting others out of the blue or simply an individual is finally ready to deal with emotional pains they held/buried for quite sometime and are able to release them for good. Since this full moon eclipse can be a time to go back to the past, we can use it to change the present. Allowing us to forge our future with purpose instead of just getting caught up in the current. Be a Marty McFly, and rewrite your story. And by the way, didn’t he use electricity to time travel? ;) So fire up the DeLorean and go. Note, this isn’t about living in denial or repressing the past, it is about facing it truthfully and then changing the attachment to it. Release the heaviness of it and free up space to discover what is your personal Truth now.

Start a Personal Revolution! The Universe has your back. It is going to get weirder before this eclipse season is over. So strap in and mount your freak flag on the hood, because “where we’re going, we don’t no roads”.

Image by Rany Atlan at Etsy Store, TotalLost

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