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Full Moon in Gemini, November 22, 2018

Full Moon in Gemini at 0 degrees tonight/early morning. Sun newly in Sagittarius brings optimism and flamboyancy, with the Gemini Moon opposition amping up the chatter. Hiccups in communication can arise with Gemini’s Ruler, Mercury, in retrograde (also in Sagittarius). Tensions can spark from Mars in Pisces squaring the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter (in Sagittarius). This time may see lofty promises made that won’t come to fruition and heated tantrums. However, if fuses do explode, it could be necessary to clear the air—just don’t say or do something you’ll regret if involved. Also don’t get drawn into any news or social media drama. Put the “smart” phone down. The flip side of this energy can be communication going down roads that end up expanding minds and changing prior opinions for the better. There may be more interactions with neighbors and your immediate community, frequent belly-laughs, and putting joy at the top of the agenda. If inner conflicts come up, they might me just the thing you need to let go. Or it could be time to release any rigid restraints that silences your inner adventurous child. Art credit: Unknown, Pinterest. Please contact me if you own the copyright.

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