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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, Jan. 5, 2019

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn The Capricorn constellation is the image of The Sea Goat. Many times we concentrate on the representation of the all-business mountain goat, climbing methodically up to the summit. But it is a good reminder to incorporate the other half of Capricorn, its emotional wisdom and sense of joy when truly living one’s life purpose. Eclipses intensify the energies surrounding Moon transits. They have a Uranian quality to them as well, bringing unexpected new situations (New Moons) or abrupt endings (Full Moons). They are also large collective portals, requiring us to leave behind old perspectives and actions, starting a new journey. The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 15 degrees, the midpoint of Capricorn and in the middle of Pluto in Capricorn at 20 degrees and Saturn at 11 degrees Capricorn. It’s a big Cappy sandwich! With this energy, we can start to realize the gifts of Saturn and Capricorn, even while it sheds, remodels, and decomposes old systems (Pluto/Saturn/South Node in Cap). But we have to put in the work. That is the requirement. No short cuts or con jobs--we must go forth with integrity and willingness to be the Authority of Our Own Lives. Around New Years (late evening of Dec 31 in North America), Mars entered Aries, its home sign. 0 degrees in Aries is beginning a new cycle, The Fool, the start of the Hero’s Journey. Mars in his home is giving us some much needed juice to start this amazing Epic ahead of us. Mercury entered Capricorn on Jan 4th, steadying all that Martian energy, helping us set the stage of what we want to bring from thought form into 3D reality. Pick up the back pack, make sure it’s only holding what is yours to bring along. Let’s go.

Artwork unknown, Pinterest

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