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The Cosmic Journalist

Artwork by Provo-L-Escroc

The dynamic duo of Gemini (May 21-June 20); the quick witted, fast talking, restless thinker, ready to pick up the mic to get the scoop and broadcast to the world. They have no time for slow walking or reporting yesterday's news everyone has already read. The twins desire an exclusive story, the one no one has heard about. If its an area already explored, they want to look at it from another angle, get another perspective to shed new light. The more sources they can gather information from, the better.

We do not have to be born with a Gemini Sun in order to identify with the sign of The Twins. Our 3D reality IS based on Duality. And of course we think and communicate--all the energies Gemini embodies. In order to open up a better understanding of reality, we can pick up a reporter's flip notebook and allow Gemini to lead the way to our inner journalist. Gemini wants to see it all, pass no judgment, and flex his brain with great mental dexterity.

Let The Cosmic Journalist remind you of the curiosity you had as a child and explore life with a desire to witness as much life as possible. Feed your mind. LISTEN. Look at all sides of the story. Volley it back and forth in your mind. Speak up in order to gain clarity. Pass it on.

"To understand the world, see it from every angle."

- Anonymous

Picture Credit: Two Friendly Desert Communities by Provo-L-Escroc

#Gemini #Archetype #Summer #Communication #MutableSign #AirSign

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