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I'm Natalie, the voice behind The Soul's Atlas. I've outfitted a small space here on the web to share my love for astrology and self exploration. 

My fascination with astrology began in the 80's, when I picked up an annual astrological report for my Sun sign (Scorpio). I studied astrology throughout my teens and earlier adult years off and on, but finally went down the rabbit hole full on in 2014.

I believe astrology can be an integral tool (an atlas, if you will) in self understanding and soul exploration. My approach is derived from evolutionary and psychological astrology, along with throwing my various interests into the mix.


I dig outer space (as you may have noticed), science, art, mythology, technology, sacred geometry, science fiction, and video games...just to name a few. If I lived on Pluto, perhaps I'd have enough hours in the day (153.3 hrs = 1 Earth Day) to cram them all in. Though, I'm sure the Internet speeds would be horrible. ;)

If you are interested in having me explore your chart, click the "Readings" page. My soul evolutionary style (my Sun and Mercury are in Scorpio/8th House) incorporates both knowledge base and intuitive interpretation, (Moon in Pisces/12th House, Neptune in Sagittarius/8th House) communicating in practical language (Venus in Capricorn/9th House, Saturn in Cancer/3rd House) in order to teach people their own chart for personal empowerment (North Node in Sagittarius/9th House conjunct my Venus). It would be my honor to traverse your chart if this approach resonates.

Thank you for visiting!

Search the stars, find yourself...

    Natalie, The Soul's Atlas

Website Owner, Copyright

The Soul's Atlas

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