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2019 Eclipses

Welcome to Eclipse Season!

First off, do you notice a pattern in the eclipse signs? Capricorn is definitely pronouncing itself along with North Node sign archetypes—late last year (November 2018) we transitioned from North Node in Leo to North Node in Cancer. The Cancer/Capricorn axis will be important through out 2019. Pluto and Capricorn will be conjunct the South Node (opposing North Node in Cancer) throughout the year (April, July, Sept). You can view this first eclipse as an entry portal into a continually growing theme for transpersonal/collective evolution around Capricorn/Cancer archetypes. We’ve already been experiencing a lot of the themes as Pluto and Saturn have been in Capricorn for awhile, but the eclipses are building up the energy as a crescendo for the Pluto/Saturn conjunction, beginning December 2019. The house in which those planets are transiting will be your own personal arena it plays out. Each eclipse is another doorway in the evolutionary cycle. As within, so without and vice versa. More to come soon, with an overview of other 2019 transits to be cognizant and details about today’s New Moon Solar Eclipse. Jan 5 - New Moon Solar Eclipse (Partial) in Capricorn 15 degrees Jan 20/21 - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Total, Blood Moon) in Leo, 0 degrees July 2 - New Moon Solar Eclipse (Total) in Cancer, 10 degrees July 16 - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Partial) in Capricorn, 24 degrees Dec 25/26 - New Moon Solar Eclipse (Annular) in Capricorn, 4 degrees

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