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2019 Mercury Retrogrades

Mercury retrogrades for 2019 are predominantly in the water signs, with the exception of July 7, going Rx at few degrees in Leo (Rx at 4 degrees Leo to 23 degrees Cancer). This is going to be helpful in reflecting and navigating through all the transformation and disruptions going on in the Earth realms (Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus). Lots of intuitive energy and communication highlighting and transmitting during each of these retrogrades. For natal water Mercury signs, you’ll feel in your element (even if you don’t have a natal Mercury Rx). Other natal Mercury signs may not feel as comfortable, particularly natal Air Mercurys. However, its a great opportunity to really go within and honor the non-logical side of our brains, journal, daydream, jot down non-rational thoughts to see if they can be possibly implemented and integrated after Mercury goes direct. March 5 - 28: Mercury retrograde in Pisces

July 7 - Aug 1: Mercury retrograde in Leo, then in Cancer

Oct 31 - Nov 19: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

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