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New Moon In Leo, July 23, 2017

We have a New Moon tomorrow morning and some other upcoming energies as well:

- New Moon in almost 1 degree of Leo on July 23rd, 2017 at 5:46am EDT/2:46am PDT.

- The first of two New Moons in Leo within the next four weeks.

- This starts Eclipse season from July 23rd until Sept. 6th.

- Mars aligns with the New Moon in Leo.

This New Moon in Leo is a doorway into a very powerful time, both individually and collectively. But before I go further, back in May the North Node moved from Virgo to Leo where it will continue to transit through the sign until December 2018. I bring this up because this New Moon cycle also starts Eclipse Season, which ignites Nodal transit themes along with energies of the particular Sun/Moon cycle. And in this case the New Moons and Full Moon are also in Leo and Aquarius, giving it super duper potency. The two overlying themes with the North Node and the transits in Leo are about The Heart and Sovereignty. The New Moon energy is here to help us tap into our personal truth and joy by letting our Heart take the lead and defining Personal Sovereignty through owning and honoring our unique selves.

Optimum Leo energy is fun loving, extroverted, heartfelt experiences, creativity, and play. It is the Divine Child. It is self actualization and self ownership. It is about personal responsibility for one’s own joy and bliss. It deals with the Solar Plexus (personal power) and Heart. It is Heart Truth. Solar/Soul Love. Creator Love. Universal Love.

The New Moon is asking you to set an intention of what brings you personal joy. Not what’s logical or what society advises you. But what does your heart say? What you find joy in is what navigates your highest purpose. It is also about incorporating all of yourself, the parts that may be hard to acknowledge and accept (both the good and bad). Own and honor your unique self, AS YOU ARE, right now. Do not doubt your personal power, along with understanding that sovereignty is about reigning over yourself, not others. Our egos are here to serve our individual human experience. It is beautiful and unique and should not be cast away as something to dissolve while on Earth or allow it to run amuck in fear based ideology and beliefs.

If you find yourself struggling to hear your own Heart speak to you, embrace your Inner Child. Mediate, journal, draw, color, get out in nature, daydream, do something you use to love as a kid in order to facilitate that pure feeling you had when you were young. As children, we are much closer to who our Souls really are - before all the family and societal labels and expectations were layered over our authentic selves. But that child never leaves, she/he is always there waiting to be heard, cared for, loved by you and to love you back.

This energy will move through the month with Mars conjuncting the Sun in Leo, boosting the feeling of independence and taking action on working on yourself. Additionally, it may feel a bit strange since it will include going within at the same time having the urge to be more expressive. So be patient with yourself and with others. Laugh at the craziness and absurdity that may surround you or that you may be feeling inside.

There will be energy building up through the weeks with the eclipses, that will bring surprises and disruptions. Do not be alarm. You were already born with all the tools you need for your Soul to navigate through this life. Some us just may need more work to remember where we put them, lol. So make sure you have a “full bar” connection with your Heart. It will guide you through this time and help you see clearer the possibilities that will be opening up soon.

From my Divine Child’s Heart to Yours....

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