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Crystals for Leo Season

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The following are some crystal suggestions for LEO Season:

Sunstone - stone of personal power + encourages independence + promotes vitality, inner strength, enjoyment, and nurturing of self. Green Aventurine - connected to the heart chakra + enhances creativity + promotes healing, good humor, optimism, and joy.

Carnelian - imparts courage and confidence + stimulates clearer sense of self and action towards goals + balance out too much dependency by activating personal will. Tiger’s Eye - stone of power and protection + supports enthusiasm, illumination, and warmth + brings sense of empowerment by relieving inner fears and anxiety. Again, these are only a few suggestions and the meanings listed above are some that correspond with Leo energy. Any crystal that promotes healing, personal power, joy, creativity, along with working on the solar plexus and heart chakras are excellent. What crystals have you been working with this Leo season/Summer?

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