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Full Moon in Capricorn, June 27, 2018

The Full Moon tonight/tomorrow morning will be opening up a Summer eclipse trio that will be occurring mid July through August. Usually eclipses come in pairs, but we’re getting a Cosmic Trinity this cycle. With the portal opening in the sign of Capricorn, it’s reality check time. Introspection into where we need to set boundaries and/or possibly, where have we put up walls that need to come down. Saturn retrograde will be conjunct the Full Moon, driving home the Saturian energy of self responsibility, discipline, and integrity. Releasing anything that does not live in that space on our own is Saturn’s request, otherwise face some hard lessons down the road. The Mars Retrograde is also playing a significant part as well, with it bookending the portal opening and closing. Mars in Aquarius went retrograde yesterday (roughly a day before this Full Moon opening the eclipse gateway) and will go direct again the day after the Aug 26 Aquarius Full Moon that will close the eclipse portal. Themes overlapping the next few months can involve reevaluating and refining our desires and goals, releasing suppressed anger in healthy ways, reigniting our path towards are life purpose, and even re-defining ourselves vs our tribe. This definitely is a time to go inward and not act out or force change in the external world. It’s a moment for our actions to be internalized and the change to come from within. When we come out the other side, our outer world will begin to take shape from our inner work. Photo credit Unknown, Pinterest. If you own the copyright, please contact me.

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