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Full Moon in Aries, September 24, 2018

Full Moon tonight/tomorrow at 2 degrees Aries Aries embodies “I AM”. Release what no longer holds that space for you in order to set the new course ahead. With the Libra Sun & Mercury opposing the Aries Moon, this could bring a push/pull scenario. Perhaps swinging too far one way or the other (too much lone wolf or too much codependency). The goal is a nice balance of independence and a healthy interconnection with others. Chiron (retrograde) conjuncts the Moon (1 degree Aries), bubbling up past issues of wounding regarding this struggle of independence and codependency. Saturn in Capricorn (2 degrees) is also squaring all of the placements above. Bringing change into the outside world, even if it seems like a mismatch from our inner realities at the moment. Uranus in Taurus is trining Saturn, so there can be some fortuitous surprises to progress us forward. Mars is moving forward, transiting over the South Node around 4 degrees Aquarius. Both intensifying and weeding out collective movements and conspiracy theories that mislead and/or profit off the fears and disempowerment of others. Mars in Aquarius can also give us a much needed drive towards the future, making it easier to release the past. Be patient. Be adaptable. Be a master guide and creator of your inner Universe. Photo credit by Bob King

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