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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, July 27, 2018

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (4 degrees) today/tonight! What does your heart say? Does it agree or coincide with society? Your social groups, community? This Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (opposition with Leo Sun) is wanting us to pull back from the crowd and focus on our own individual heart conversation. It is re-evaluating Groupthink vs. Heartspeak. The Moon Nodes will be conjunct the Lunar Eclipse (South Node, 5 deg Aquarius and Node Node, 5 deg Leo), along with Mars (retrograde) conjuncting the Moon (4 deg Aquarius). Aquarius South Node is dealing with past global collective issues, along with our own subset groups and communities. Leo North Node wants each of us to celebrate our individual mission here on Earth and appraise what we really want to create from our sovereign self. Mars Rx can add conflict, which can either make it harder to pull back or propel us quicker into our own independence. With retrograde energy, we want to go within and acting out will not bring us the results we desire. However, inner reflection and changes are exactly what this time is all about. This is emphasized again with Mercury just going retrograde in Leo (also conjunct the Sun/North Node). Good time for Soul retrieval or any exercise that assists in reclaiming personal power. Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in Taurus is squaring the Moon and Sun (and conjunctions). This can manifest as disruptive frustration being the motivation to set us free to walk on our own for a moment to really listen to our personal truth. It is time to assess how much we weigh in on opinions of others and discredit our own. Our value should not be determined outside ourselves. It is important to strengthen our individual selves so then we can be better global citizens and in our communities. This is about developing authentically healthy selves. So within, So without. Tend your own garden and the world can become a paradise.

Photo credit unknown, Pinterest. Please contact me if you own the copyright.

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