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Full Moon in Sagittarius - May 29, 2018

Over The Moon by Ron Gonsalves

Full Moon in Sagittarius (8 degrees) on May 29, 2018. Full Moons are about reaping and releasing. In Sagittarius we are looking at our beliefs and if they continue to serve us in our human experience and Soul growth. The last New Moon in Sagittarius (December 2017), Saturn was about to move into Capricorn. Preparation of expansive manifesting and aiming high for our next adventure were the seeds planted. The landscape now is part of that maturation. What does it look like for you? What flourished or what wasn’t meant to grow? Sometimes old systems of belief get in our way or no longer are needed for the next phase of the journey. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far and cut away the deadwood. Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter (15 deg Scorpio), will be forming a grand water trine during this Full Moon phase with Neptune in Pisces (16 deg) and Venus in Cancer (11 deg). Our feelings can be very connected to our beliefs. Neptune in Pisces explores our boundless, most highest connectivity and spiritual awareness. Jupiter in Scorpio expands the depth of our journey into the psyche to unfold our authentic desires. Venus in Cancer emotionally grounds us into a safe and nurturing place within ourselves to wander through and evaluate our emotional attachments to our beliefs. Other elements during this time, the Moon and Sun will be conjunct two of the Persian Royal Stars/Guardians of the Sky, Antares (10 deg Sagittarius - “The Heart of the Scorpio”) and Aldebaran (10 deg Gemini - “The Bull’s Eye”). Both are associated with Mars and when these stars are tapped, many times conflict and war accompany. But this energy can also provide great amount of optimism and fortitude to break through situations and paradigms we may not otherwise. We always have a choice on how we utilize the energies. May we choose according to our highest purpose.

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