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Jupiter in Scorpio Rx, March 9 - July 10, 2018

Jupiter in Scorpio is now Retrograde (Rx) at 23 degrees and will continue to ‘travel’ back through the degrees it has already visited until going direct (forward again) on July 10, 2017 at 13 degrees Scorpio. In astronomy, when a planet is retrograde it gives the appearance of moving backwards from the vantage point of Earth due to each planets varied orbits around the Sun. In astrology, Retrograde means the planet’s energies are focused inward.

Jupiter themes are about growth, expansion, generosity, abundance, and good fortune. In the sign of Scorpio what is hidden is now put under a big spotlight, exposed in order to heal and increase emotional intelligence to thrust us forward in the evolutionary cycle. In retrograde, it can allow us to uncover deeper layers of our internal power struggles in which we may sabotage our own abundance and expansion. Jupiter’s energy is big and bold and can bring you through experiences that accelerate transformation that may at other times in life, take you several years. Jupiter can also be full of hype, so frequent Soul check-ins are recommended. While some constructs will decompose, they are being transformed anew to take you to deeper and abundant realities.

Art from Pinterest--Cannot find artist, would love to know who created this beautiful artwork if you know.

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