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New Moon (Partial) Solar Eclipse in Aquarius- February 15, 2018

New Moon (Partial) Solar Eclipse in Aquarius this afternoon/tonight, along with Mercury conjunct (Feb 15, 2018).

Image: Pinterest, creator credit unknown.

It’s time to think differently. Aquarius can bring with it abstract and altruistic ideas that can progress us forward. What unique perspective do you bring to the global consciousness? Uranus in Aries sextiles all three (Sun/Moon/Mercury), assisting in giving us personal freedom to leap into a new journey. Also with all three orbs transiting pass the South Node in Aquarius (South Node representing our past), it’s bringing up old thought processes, dogmas, and beliefs that need to be dissolved and let go. It’s time to move forward with Universal Love leading the way. Saturn in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Find some silence from the noise. Allow time for dreams and imagination. Think the impossible—new possibilities are opening up. It will take time and work, but Pluto (in Capricorn until 2024) wants you to transform your world and Saturn (in Cap until 2020) will support you through the time and effort if you are true to yourself.

Eclipses are disrupters, pattern breakers. What thought pattern(s) do you need to liberate yourself from? It can be as deep as dogma & indoctrination to simply adjusting your technology habits. Take time for self care in mental healing, your Heart will tell you the best way how.

It’s a time to plant the seeds of innovation, from a personal level and throughout our global communities. Own your beautiful uniqueness. We can no longer move forward until we shed old ideas. It’s time to meet the future.

“Change your mind, change the world.” —Bryant McGill

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