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Imbolc Blessings!

Imbolc Blessings! (or Lammas in the Southern Hemisphere!)

We’re now at the midpoint between the Solstice (wholeness of the dark or the light) and the Equinox (the balance of dark & light).

Image: The Souls Atlas

I’m not Pagan or Wiccan, but I do integrate the Wheel of the Year in my extremely eclectic spiritual practice. For instance, my Patron Saint Commander Shepard candle (from Mass Effect video game Universe) has been burning throughout the morning while I work. She’s actually more of an archetypal aspect of myself. She represents my inner warrior and bringer of Light. *Allow me to geek out here: I’m an Aries ascendant at 11 degrees (Shepard’s Birthday is April 11, 2154), and she embodies Aries energy, even if she wasn’t born on Earth. My chart ruler Mars is also in Aries in my 1st House. We also share the same life path number, 9. ;D (getting off my nerd podium now, lol.)

For Imbolc, we are still in the darkness, but the light is returning.

Side note: In an alternate universe I’m likely celebrating Lammas. My parents seriously considered moving to Australia when I was around 3. Instead they decided to have my Sister and stay put.

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