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Super Blue Moon Eclipse in Leo - Jan 31, 2018

Super Blue Moon Eclipse in Leo at 11 degrees on Jan 31, 2018 at 5:27 am PST/8:27 am EST/1:27 pm GMT. Issues you were dealing with in August 2017 can be resurfacing if they haven’t already been a consistent companion in your life since that time. Look back at journal entries, your social media feeds, personal events, and compare where you are now. Self care along with your self reflection is important - be kind with your evaluations. You will either continue with these energies in a new way or shed it altogether.

As a collective through this Eclipse, we are continuing themes of the North Node in Leo/South Node in Aquarius (both at 14 degrees). I believe it is our Soul’s mission for the collective to honor our sovereignty and express it in whatever form it requires. By connecting to our Hearts and our personal authority, it paves the path of progress for our global community. Your Heart’s desire matters and is of great purpose. Don’t suppress it, don’t pack it away. We each hold a unique Light within ourselves that needs to shine. Leo, ruled by the Sun, encourages each one of us to SHINE unapologetically and in the highest form of Love.

Also be open to receive more love and appreciation in your life. We can get caught up in making sure so many people and causes are receiving our devotion, but forget or even feel unworthy of receiving the same in return. Importantly, allow this receiving to come from ourselves too.

Love, love, LOVE yourself. It’s your own Life Force. Cultivate and illuminate. Discard what no longer respects, serves, and aligns.

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