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Saturn in Capricorn Transit - Dec. 2017-2020

Welcome Home, Saturn!

Saturn returned to its abode of Capricorn last week after a 27-plus year journey through the constellations. It will remain in its sign until Dec 18, 2020.

While Saturn was in Sagittarius, we were working on our personal thesis - (higher/personal truth). Now with Saturn in Capricorn, each thesis will be tested and reviewed. How does your thesis (truth) stand up? Have you listened to your advisors (higher self/Soul) during the process? Or did your ego do the composing? Saturn will let you know either way. But don’t fret, Saturn wants you to succeed, but with integrity and distinction.

Saturn values responsibility, accountability, boundaries, patience, and reliability. These are the qualities you will be fostering during this 3 year transit. Take heed though, the underbelly of Saturn can be cynicism, coldness (shutting off feelings), and control and defensiveness (due to feelings of lack). Especially as the North/South Nodes enter into Cancer/Capricorn at the end of 2018 thru 2019, when we may be more apt to experience the shadow qualities of Saturnian energy.

Towards the end of Saturn’s stay at its homebase, it will particularly get interesting with some powerful conjunctions. In January 2020, Saturn will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn at 22 degrees (Hello, Master Number), along with the Sun and Mercury. November 2020 will have Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn all conjunct...again at 22 degrees Capricorn.

This transit may feel like quite a climb. To some it will be grueling, others it may feel invigorating (or both!). It is here to bring a reality check on what truly is our Soul’s purpose, desires, and truth and then manifesting it in the material world. Towards the end of the transit, whatever big transformation Pluto (with an extra shot of Jupiter) brings both from the outside and within, you’ll be able to arrive at the summit with a solid personal foundation, prepared to descend and navigate into a changed world.

Artwork: Lone Hiker by Wahndur

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