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Full Moon in Gemini - Dec. 3, 2017

Full Moon in Gemini on Dec. 3, 2017 at 7:46 AM PST/10:46 AM EST. Themes surrounding this time involve a lot of “Re’s” when it comes to perspectives about our inner and outer world — reviewing, reopening, revising, resetting, and definitely releasing. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which will go retrograde on the same day until Dec 22nd (going direct around the time Sun and Saturn go into Capricorn — and that will begin a long process of restructuring and rebuilding — so try to rest now!).

It can bring mental uneasiness and frustration experiencing perspectives that are new and/or contradictory. Don’t react, but pause, receive and reflect. It may manifest in experiences where you need to release control in order to gain it. May need to be silent to be more profound. Or are confronted with a hazy surroundings that need other senses to move through moments with better clarity. Above all, embrace the multitudes of vantage points, particularly within yourself. Make peace that you are paradoxical, then do the same with others and the world.

Artwork by Hans Walor - Genesis

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