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Full Moon in Pisces - September 6, 2017

Image artist unknown - please contact me if you are the artist :)

This Full Moon in Pisces will be emphasizing the Neptune Retrograde energy that began back in June of this year. The Moon in Pisces is conjuncting Neptune and both are opposing the Sun in Virgo. It will be bringing both the Head/Logical Mind (Virgo) and the Heart/Intuitive Self (Pisces) together to look at areas of our life truthfully and with great compassion.

When Neptune goes retrograde, the fuzzy pictures either put in front of us or ones we've put there on our own, come into focus. We can already see how this has been playing out in the collective, but just as importantly, it is happening through each of us. This Full Moon will illuminate our inner illusions in order to examine, clarify, and solidify our personal truth. Even though this may sound uncomfortable, Pisces is all about empathy and non-judgment--so there is a lot of loving support accompanying this Full Moon.

Breaking through societal and self deceptions are about revealing and remembering the power we have within. And probably the most detrimental we are sold is how we are imperfect and doomed as soon as we enter this reality. Release the false stories and know you come from and are always connected to Unconditional Love.

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