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What's Your Sign?

What’s your sign? That use to be a simple answer for me when I was younger. But over the years, with the help of the Internet and free natal chart websites (yes, I grew up without the Internet and am still living, lol), I cannot simply respond with a simple “Scorpio”. In fact I feel compelled to share at least my Rising/Moon/Sun, otherwise it seems as descriptive as sharing with someone, “I like toast”.

What prompted me to post today on this topic -- I was talking to my bestie this morning and she reminded again why I love astrology from a comment she made about loving her Moon placement. Yes, the core of ourselves is our Sun sign. But all the other elements really shape us to these amazing rich human experiences and perspectives. For example, our Mercury is going to illustrate how we communicate with ourselves and others (our intellect). Venus, what we value and love. How we assert ourselves and create, Mars can provide clues. The house the planet falls in and how planets are communicating (aspected) adds even more to our human story. The degrees (0-29) in which a planet is in a sign can play a role too. We also have a South and North Node that alone can give us all kinds of information about where we’ve been to where we need to go in order to evolve. And more information is being studied on the relevancy and weight that asteroids play in our journey on Earth.

And it doesn’t stop at our natal charts either. For just the individual, we have transits, progressions, solar returns, and relocation charts. Relationships can be examined with synastry and composite charts. Electional, financial, and mundane (which it’s name doesn’t do it justice) astrology can be studied. There are over 80 different branches of astrology currently used today within Eastern and Western astrology. My Scorpio core and mind (though not required to love astrology of course) will never reach the end of the line even if I were to only study individual natal charts from one specific approach. If you choose to explore astrology, even just for your own personal growth (which I feel everyone would benefit), you will always learn something new about yourself and the world around you. I love the lens it provides to assist in understanding the abstract areas of our lives and how it compliments many logical parts of our human observations.

We live in a dynamic universe, both outside and inside of us. Astrology can be an assistant in navigating through both. So if you’re asked, “What’s your sign”, you can know the answer is so much deeper and interesting than one simple sign.

*If you only know your sun sign and would like to find out more about your unique natal placements, visit the Links page and chose one of the websites that allow individuals to get a free natal chart. Or simple put in “free natal chart” in your prefered search engine.

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