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Neptune Retrograde in Pisces, June 16-Nov. 22, 2017

Neptune comes to a halt at 16 degrees Pisces today, beginning it's retrograde for the next several months until going direct again on Nov. 22 of this year.

Some of the areas Neptune governs: dreams, psychic abilities, illusions, evasion, confusion, escapism, idealism, intuition, other dimensions, and transcendence. Neptune has been in Pisces (sign in which it rules) since Feb. 2011 continuing the transit until Jan. 2026. Since then, a rise of more and more people searching and finding deeper life meaning and mindfulness, along with less divinely inspired mass marketing of 'spiritually'.

When Neptune goes retrograde, the fuzzy pictures either put in front of us or ones we've put there on our own, come into focus. This can be difficult if we've convinced ourselves the illusions are real. Or it can be a welcomed illumination if we are aware of the murky areas of our lives. During this transit we are given the gift of clear sight to see things we've either willingly not dealt with or haven't because they were tucked behind gossamer drapes. The energies are ripe during this time to bring things we've been dreaming about into the 3D world, of course requiring action on our part to do so. This would also be a good time to do any kind of work with our subconscious mind, like through meditation and/or hypnosis, in discovering and changing unconscious patterns that don't suit our personal evolution. Also, the psychic veil and otherworldly walls are thin during this time. So if you channel, talk to those in other dimensions, or are telepathic in anyway, communications can be very frequent and clearer. If you haven't had that type of experience, whole new world(s) may open for you.

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