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New Moon in Virgo, September 9, 2018

New Moon in Virgo today at 17 degrees. What are your daily thoughts, practices, and habits? Do they still reflect your authentic self? Serve to connect to your Divine purpose? Virgo can be great at reminding us how the mundane IS Sacred. Every day, every breath, every small moment--holy instances building on one another for our Souls to experience this amazing human existence. Use this time to explore how you can be in service to yourself. Take stalk of your health, relationships, daily environment. Purify the toxins in those areas. Lean into simplicity, self care and love. The Virgo New Moon can have us reflecting whether we still identify with our community, groups, or self-adhered labels. We can have a strong desire to break out of comfortable routines that no longer feel authentic and feel pulled to explore new daily practices. Pluto in Capricorn trines the New Moon, supporting this transition into evolving your everyday human routines to reflect your true self. It doesn’t necessarily mean your past practices were not authentic, it just means it is time to move on and do something new. Also, Venus enters Scorpio today. What we value/love gets a reality check too, reinforcing this New Moon life editing energy. While Venus is not always comfortable in Scorpio because our human selves attach a lot of our value to material ornaments, titles, status, and things that feel and look good--Scorpio strips it all down to the raw core, exposing many of the ‘deemed’ unattractive parts. However, this is where Venus can walk into its true power by accepting all parts of itself. We are already whole, we just need to value all of ourselves. This acceptance can help us through really connecting with what we do each day, shaping our reality to reflect our true self. Photo: Credit Unknown, Pinterest. Please contact me if you own the copyright.

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