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Full Moon in Pisces, Aug 26, 2018

We made it through the 2018 eclipses! Are you ok? I little tattered around the edges? Me too, but it’s all good. Time to take a moment. Breath in the in between of time and space before continuing on to a new cycle. Good time to take stock of how you feel and your provisions—purge some stuff (thanks Virgo Sun!). Do you really need that old book of poetry? You’ve memorized it already, maybe it’s time to create your own. Yeah, definitely. Whatever you examine in “your pack”, you may be surprised on what still serves you and what does not. We’re also experiencing a beautiful grand Earth trine with the Sun in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus—making for some grounded inspiration with the Pisces Full Moon. Take inventory and open up to balancing considered wisdom and tradition with innovative sparks of awe to shape your path ahead. The new horizon may feel both familiar and unknown at the same time. Mars will be going direct on Aug 27th at 28 degrees Capricorn and travel over the degrees it retrograded during the last few months (out of it’s shadow phase the first week of Sept). So we’ll begin to feel a forward motion again, just give yourself time to stretch, breath, and take things slow until September. A new adventure soon awaits. Artwork: Unknown, Pinterest. Please contact me if you own the copyright.

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