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New Moon in Gemini on June 13, 2018

This New Moon can have us focusing on intentions involving mental beliefs and stories we tell ourselves. Do we need to make updates? Create new neural link ups, new story lines? We’re all due for an upgrade. Mercury just entered Cancer, making it in mutual reception with this New Moon in Gemini. We want to make sure our new mental pathways just don’t go down the logical route, but also are accompanied with emotional intelligence. Listen both to your Heart and Mind during the intention process. Two planets will be going retrograde during the two-week New Moon cycle, Neptune in Pisces (June 18) and Mars in Aquarius (June 26). Neptune in retrograde pulls back illusions that can give us a clearer picture on falsehoods we are telling ourselves or living by. Mars in retrograde has us re-evaluating our choices and actions based on societal programming vs. individuality. Both energies support us in setting our intentions of changing our inner dialog to strip away conditioning and psychic junk and reveal more of our authentic self.

Image Credit Unknown, Pinterest. If you own copyright, please contact me.

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