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Full Moon in Scorpio - April 29, 2018

Full Moon tonight at 9 degrees Scorpio. Lots of aspects working towards great leaps within our individual psyche and then allowing fruition in the tangible world. Jupiter, who has been working its expansive intensity in Scorpio (19 degrees) since October, is sextile Pluto rx and Mars (conjunct) in Capricorn. They are teaming up to burn down whatever is no longer functioning well in order for a renovation or something completely new. Jupiter adds to the demo list, deep-seated beliefs revolving around power, money, sex, and anything looked upon as taboo and esoteric. The Full Moon will be sextile Saturn, also in Capricorn. What is weighing us down needs to be let go. However, since Saturn/Capricorn requires us to work for our progression, we can not simply hope for change to come from elsewhere than ourselves. Saturn in turn is trine the Sun (Taurus), providing more grounding energy to make the change not an abstract one, but verifiable. But there still is a sense of magic and optimism to the process with Jupiter Rx trine Neptune in Pisces. Time to get real with ourselves. Time to stop disempowering ourselves. Time to retrieve those parts of ourselves we deem bad or unworthy. When brought to the light, they can be transmuted into our greatest assets. The Universe wants us to actively work towards those thoughts that we categorize as merely dreams and manifest them into reality. But it takes some reprogramming within, in order to make it happen. You have the power. Claim it and manifest your world.

Artwork uncredited, Pinterest

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