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Mercury Rx in Aries, March 22-April 15, 2018

Tonight Mercury will go retrograde until April 15. Mercury Rx, yes, can make plans, communications, and travel wonky. However while it’s good to know when it is occurring, it can become the astrological equivalent of “the devil made me do it”. We mustn’t scapegoat it. But how can we use the retrograde energy to help, heal, and to our advantage? Aries energy is so full of gusto and we can easily overextend, overreact, and overlook details. Mercury Retrograde in Aries, while it may feel frustrating because Aries wants to power forward not go backwards, is really a fortuitous transit. It can keep us on the road of our progress. Kind of like a steady application of the breaks verses oversteering while going around a corner to prevent us from going off the road.

Take this time to checkout blind spots, review your work, allow room for the unexpected. A healthy dose of reflection is healing and can be transformative and retrogrades, particularly with Mercury, provides that for us. So as the poster says, “Be Kind & Rewind”—to yourself, to others, and situations you find yourself in the coming weeks. Image by Noodlehug. One of the best names ever—check out their Etsy store!

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