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Full Moon in Cancer - Jan 1, 2018

Full Moon in Cancer at 11 degrees on January 1/2, 2018 at 6:24 PM PST/9:25 PM EST US/2:25 AM GMT.

On day 1 (or 2 depending where you live on the globe), 2018 is already starting off with quite the powerful message with a full moon. There is some really amazing energy surrounding it - first, the Moon is in its home of Cancer, the Nurturer and Emotional Healer. It will be trining (a harmonious aspect) with Neptune in Pisces (also its ruler’s home), along with Jupiter and Mars both in Scorpio. This forms a brilliant Water Trine, having us enter the new year focusing on feeling and emotional realms, both holding space and energizing for some wonderful cosmic healing and insight. Empathy, intuition, patience, sensuality, our unconscious, imagination, and subjectivity are just some of the themes starting off this year.

This Full Moon transit also forms what is called a “kite” with the Sun in Capricorn (11 degrees) opposing the Moon. Venus is also close by the Sun at 9 degrees Capricorn and supporting higher aspects of the Self in the Earth sign, like manifesting our dreams, co-creating, and progressing towards the balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within each of us.

Since we live on this planet with individual perspectives, circumstances, and awareness, the Moon, particularly in Cancer, may trigger reactionary or passive-aggressive behavior either in ourselves or our surroundings. We may have moments of being lost in feelings or frustrated we have to deal with feelings at all (shout out to you cerebral folks).

Use the next couple of weeks to nurture yourself--less doing and more being. Breathe. Allow the feelings, honor them, and release. Make time to imagine, dream, and receive messages the Universe wants you to know. Allow more Love to come through you and to you.

Happy 2018 and shine on, Radiant Soul.

Artwork: Cosmic Yin Yang by Olesea Arts

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