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Mars Enters Scorpio - Dec. 9, 2017

Mars enters Scorpio today (transiting through late January). Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio (before Pluto was discovered) and it still holds a lot of Martian energy.

Mars in Scorpio can be thought as an evolution of Mars in Aries. While Aries will charge head first into the flames, Scorpio will enter with precision and patience, forging it’s will in the fire. What we “fight for” or “act upon” will require depth, patience, and determination. It can accomplish the impossible. But with great power comes great responsibility—obsession, manipulation, and revenge can accompany this energy too and those need to be kept in check. It is important to not get caught up in power struggles or let fear and aggression spin out of control. Recognize and transform the energy into self control of emotions and boundaries. And don’t be afraid to create in your life what you never thought possible. Just be ready to do the work.

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