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New Moon in Virgo - September 20, 2017

New Moon in Virgo tomorrow at 1:30am Eastern.

So many other planets have joined in on the Virgofest too--Mercury, Mars and today, Venus. Also Neptune in Pisces is opposing Mercury and Mars this week, keeping the normally detail oriented Earth energy looking like a gossamer landscape. It can make us feel sensitive and vulnerable (both our inner and outer world). Keeping things simple can be a good strategy during this time and setting intentions for self love and acceptance.

It's not coincidental that many folks promote self love during September. While Virgo energy can point out critical details that many times be don't want to deal with, it really is there to help, heal, and ascend us to a higher version of ourselves. But it must be done in Love, that is truly Virgo's highest intention. So keep those inner and outer voices in check. It's not about hiding from truths, but self talk that keeps you from growing and transforming is something to be purged...and Virgo loves to weed out that which is unproductive. And replaying a loop of self ridicule is at the very least, unproductive.

Love yourself and heal yourself...and the World will be healed and know Love.

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