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Virgo Season Crystals - 2017

Copyright 2017 - The Soul's Atlas

Ah, Virgo Season. I personally welcome it, because it is when I really feel my mind begins to focus again and I seriously start to make plans for the next 3-6 months. Plus it means Autumn is just around the corner (my favorite season, even though I now live in the desert, lol).

Remember, Virgo is not just the critic, she is the Healer too. We need the physician to pinpoint the cause in order to cure the illness. Just do it with kindness, always.

A group of stones/crystals I’m currently working with during Virgo season are:

Apache Tears (left) is a wonderful stone to deal with any grief. September is always a time of addressing grief for me personally and also as a collective. This time can be used to devote any underlying grief (any kind of loss - job, pet, home, belief, etc). If none of that applies, it a protective and grounding stone that can clear negativity and worries weighing on your mind.

Amazonite (top) is a very calming and soothing stone. It can be used for the Heart Chakra, but also the Throat as well. Known as a Stone of Courage and of Truth, it can assist in getting real with yourself with the intent of Divine Healing. It can help in calming our minds from the back and forth of tasks and to-do lists. It can also be a stone to get ‘unstuck’, especially if you aren’t comfortable in planning or completing tasks.

Angelite (left) is an help with overcoming insecurities and extreme psychic strain (and after that Solar Eclipse, we all can use some help with that!). Helps with the tendency of obsessive thoughts and brooding (I’m a Scorpio Sun/Merc in 8th--I have a PhD in Brooding). For me, I use it also to commune with the “lighter side” of my guide family before the descent into the Dark part of the year after the Autumnal Equinox.

Red Jasper is a great protective stone and in this case, I use it as one to protect me from my own critical thoughts. You can apply it to protect against empathically taking on critic thoughts of others too. It enhances stamina, joy, and positivity. Red Jasper can help you feel inspired and take action in achieving your dreams, which is why Virgo cares about the details;to give you the best possible blueprint to create your reality.

What stones/crystals are you being drawn to at this time and why? To me, whatever is calling you right now is what you should be working with.

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