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August 21, 2017 - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo

How we doin’? Still breathing? Then we’re ok.

There’s been some turbulence on this ride so far. An abundance of energy for sure too. It has come in many forms through vivid dreams and visions, emotions ranging from grief, fear, gratitude and joy, and acts of hate and kindness.

The Total Solar Eclipse in Leo tomorrow will be yet another step through the portal through this eclipse cycle for us individually and collectively. Shadows that haven’t been acknowledge are no longer allowing themselves to be ignored, so we can transform and integrate, evolve and keep progressing.

We are always breaking down, building back up, devolving and evolving, but the theme here to really pay attention is personal sovereignty - I know I sound like a broken record, but I’ll keep playing this tune until the North Node enters Cancer. ;p We must solidify our Personal Truth before we can truly be of service to others, to the World.

- What seed does your Heart/Divine Child want to plant?

- How do you want to express your loving sovereignty to the rest of the World?

The intensity of this eclipse will continue until the Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th, but whatever seeds you plant to grow and evolve relating to Personal Truth and Sovereignty will be revisited in Jan/Feb 2018.

Tomorrow, take a deep breath and listen to what your Heart has to say. Be kind to yourself, especially if you have been hurting or experiencing fear. If you are in the path of Totality, enjoy every moment of it.

Now for something completely different. Well not fully; it does relate to the Total Solar Eclipse, even though it has nothing to do with astrology. I felt called to include it for this particular post.

If interested, read on.

I’m not a frequent ‘traditional’ meditator in that most of the time my meditations are active (walking/hiking/running - Mars in Aries (Rx) in my 1st House, hard time keeping still!). But I do try to make a habit a few times weekly to sit and concentrate on my breath. During a sit down meditation yesterday, I had a very vivid vision of being on the Moon during the Total Eclipse. My computer’s wallpaper is one of the 'Earthrise' photos taken on December 24, 1968 by Bill Anders during the Apollo 8 mission. So it started off with me going into a vision of that particular photo and then morphing into being on the Moon at the time of the eclipse. I was standing towards the top of the dark side of the Moon, facing Earth. I was able to look down and still “see” the Moon’s surface, which was dark gray/charcoal with faint glimmers of silver luna dust from Earth softly reflecting it’s light back.

From my viewpoint the distance between the Moon and Earth was much closer (than in reality) which allowed for me to ‘see’ the Moon’s shadow. First beginning in the North Pacific Ocean, over the U.S., and then into the Atlantic where the shadow eventually disappeared. The Moon’s shadow on the Earth was like a strange dark laser beam being emitted from the dark side of the Moon, the very surface I was on. I could "feel" the Sun's Light as the origin of the energy of the beam, then going through the Moon and allowing a perfect alchemy of power. Generating an illuminating shadow beam - making it both light and shadow energy (?). I know, strange and hard for me to articulate. I felt it go through me, then out into space and onto the Earth.

It was as if the Moon was holding on to all these emotional shadow aspects like a sponge from all the Soul's on Earth (from various time frames), and now returning them back with the assistance of the Sun. However, the Moon had transmuted the shadow aspects in a way to allow the Souls on Earth to digest and deal with it better. Since the shadow energy was going through me, it didn’t feel scary or sinister, it had a very loving feel to it. Like when you receive a hard truth, but because of the timing and the way it is given to you from a truly loving place, you're not destroyed or alarmed, but so deeply relieved that you feel a huge weight has been finally lifted from your shoulders. The “shadow beam” energy emanated from the path and traveled throughout the entire surface of the planet and then was absorbed, finally radiating a soft rose gold light.

The visions was mesmerizing and I “heard” no sound until just after the shadow beam dissolved into the Atlantic Ocean. Then I could hear my heart beat and within a few moments, I could hear more and more heart beats coming from Earth. And finally I heard a larger heart beat, Earth’s - that is when the soft rose gold hue began to radiate from the entire globe. I got lost in the rhythmic beats and closed my "vision eyes" and then saw a sea of Stars in the vastness of space for a few moment, eventually fading to looking at the back of my eyelids.

Needless to say, it was a very moving vision. I was simultaneously energized and exhausted. I hurried to my computer to begin journaling (because now a days I can type faster than writing - or at least it is much more legible when I type fast as oppose to writing fast, lol). I am not one who has these types of vivid visions often and I normally would just keep this for only my journal and a few close people in my life. But I was called to share, especially as my total eclipse post, so I am. I have no pretension to tell you what this means for you or even the whole collective. This was a personal meditative vision. I know what I got out of it personally and if it resonates with you - awesome. If not, that is fine too.

Have you had any similar visions? Does this resonate? What special experiences have you encountered during this time? Journal, share with others, and again, be kind to yourself and really take in the energy and the love that is being sent your way.

Much Love to You...

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