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Full Moon in Capricorn, July 8-9, 2017

Welcome to the Full Moon Weekend!

Not going to lie, this weekend may be intense. The Moon will go full on mode at 17 degrees Capricorn tonight at 12:07am EDT/9:07pm PDT. Then later on Sunday, it will conjunct Pluto in 18 degrees Capricorn, ALONG with opposing the Sun in 18 degrees Cancer. Making this a transformative illumination with some sensitive emotions possibly struggling with the need to keep all those messy feelings in check.

The Full Moon being in the sign of Capricorn highlights our physical world - like our bodies, tangible environments, and the systems within society (government, business, economic). It can also be about the boundaries and structures within our lives, along with our work life and finances. There can be a completion of a cycle in these areas. Bringing the other players into the mix - the Moon conjuncting Pluto and then opposing the Sun in Cancer - adds some potent water to the earthy Capricorn energy. Cancer Sun opposing the Moon in Capricorn may bring a conflict or confusion between work vs. home and head vs. heart. There may be a struggle (internally and/or in interpersonal relationships) on how to best approach security, by nurturing or authoritative methods.

Pluto is also arriving to the Full Moon party weekend, and the tension with Cancer’s emotional sensitivity and Capricorn’s need for practicality just got more intense. There could be a power struggle that we will see come to light in these two polarities between Capricorn and Cancer in our personal worlds (or world stage). Pluto could shake some foundations up (sometimes literally), along with gutting out what is no longer serving us both emotionally and in our “real” lives. This could be difficult for those holding on tightly to old internal and external commandments and feelings that have reached their expiration date. For those already busy cleaning out your metaphorical closets, the Universe is bringing over a big rubbish truck to help make room for new and concrete structures in your lives that will last - perhaps serving the rest of this particular lifetime.

Whatever particular area this weekend's placements affects you personally (the houses they transits), allowing the Capricorn and Cancer opposition to work with each other and not against is the goal. We need both approaches to flourish. If deep fears within, or other people's’ hang ups, start creating a whirlwind of chaos in your life, just remember your actions and feelings are the one thing you do have control of and use that authority over yourself. Then examine what is cropping up as what may need to be released in order to create something new. You won’t only feel the metamorphosis, but see it manifest in the visible world.

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